You have so much you want to share with people. You have amazing ideas, gifts and skills that can really make a difference. You know you need to be more bold and assertive. 

But it feels scary. You fear people’s judgements and you worry about rocking the boat too much. You don’t want to inconvenience people or make them feel less than. You also want your environment to stay as predictable and peaceful as possible.

This makes it SO HARD to say anything, decide anything or complete anything without second-guessing yourself or staying stuck in indecision.

If you’d like to start taking action that moves the needs forward, I have workshop that will teach you how to do that:

How to Stop Second-Guessing Yourself

This 90-minute pre-recorded class is for peace-loving, gentle souls who want to start trusting their decisions and taking actions that align with who they truly are.

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