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Let's Read Together, Nines

Join me this summer as we read 
Live Slowly: A Gentle Invitation to Exhale by Jodi H. Grubbs


In order to maintain our perceived peaceful state of mind, many of us Nines get stuck in self-defeating patterns of distracting ourselves from our uncomfortable emotions by fixating on our work, social media or other forms of entertainment and distractions.

We keep our minds busy (and sometimes our bodies) busy with all of the distractions so that we don’t have to slow down and feel.

This not only causes extra stress to our nervous systems, but it prevents us from feeling true, deep joy and it causes us to get stuck in feelings of shame.

What if we gave ourselves permission to exhale, with no shame attached?

What could change if our rest was more purposeful and free from numbing and distraction? What if it became a time to connect with ourselves and with God?

This book not only gives us permission, but gently invites us to do this.


Live Slowly: A gentle Invitation to Exhale by Jodi H. Grubbs is the book that we will read and explore together as Enneagram Nines.

“In a culture that overvalues hustle and undervalues wholeness, finding spaces that honor our God-given humanity can be a challenge. Yet in Live Slowly, Jodi Grubbs compassionately and authentically invites us to a way of being that roots us in our truest identity as God’s beloved. This book is a love letter to anyone feeling overwhelmed, out of alignment, and tired of pushing beyond their limits. I’m deeply grateful for Jodi’s words.” –– Aundi Kolber, licensed professional counselor and author of Try Softer.


This six-week Summer Book Club will include:

  • Weekly emails with the reading segment (2-3 Chapters per week,) reflection questions and a link to a guided meditation that you can choose to do if you want to
  • Three nurturing, validating, book club gatherings on Zoom led by The Nine Coach, Heather Fillmore (JULY 16, JULY 30 and AUGUST 20 AT 10 AM MST/ 12 PM EST where we discuss the reflection questions at the end of the chapters. The author, Jodi Grubbs, (also a Nine!) will join us for the final discussion.

You will need to purchase your copy of the book. It is newly released, so it most likely isn’t available at your local library, but it doesn’t hurt to check!

Please note that this book is written from a Christian point of view, helping us to connect with God. You are welcome to adapt it to your own beliefs of a higher power.

You will be placed on Heather’s email list by joining. You’re welcome to unsubscribe any time, but please wait until after August 20 so that you can receive the call links and reminders beforehand.


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