Heather Fillmore Coaching

Powerful Coaching for Enneagram Nines

Here are the ways that you can work with me.

The Bold Nine Academy

The Academy is a fantastic way to get consistent, affordable help with your mental and emotional health and getting better results in your life. It’s the perfect companion to therapy, or a stand alone resource. A place where you can always go for help and relief.

As long as you’re in the Academy, you never have to worry about where to go for coaching. Just like a gym membership that gives you the opportunity to stay in shape and stay healthy, The Bold 9 is designed so that you always have a place to support and nourish your mental and emotional wellness.

Cost $77 per month or $187 per quarter

Click the button to learn more about this exciting coaching membership for Enneagram Type 9s:

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Private Coaching Partnership

I work with a limited number of private coaching clients. We meet either weekly or every other week on Zoom and we do deep, powerful work to help you connect with yourself and make the changes that you seek. You will come away with a much greater capacity to be more bold, present and purposeful in your relationships, your goals and/or your leadership.:

Cost: 10 sessions for $1950

Schedule a free, 30-minute consultation with me here to see if we’re a good fit for a coaching partnership.

1-Hr Private Coaching Session

This is for you if you’d like some 1:1 coaching, but you’re not sure if you want to commit to working together over time. This is not a sales call. It’s a laser-focused coaching session. You are welcome to ask questions about my coaching programs at the end if you’d like to, though.

Cost: $197

1-Hr Private Coaching Session- Bold Nine Academy Members

For academy members who would like a full hour of private coaching that isn’t recorded and shared with the group.

Cost: $90 – Members Only

What people are saying...

Jennifer headshot

“I love having such a supportive community of Nines. We all relate to each other so well and cheer one another on.”

I also love being able to get coached on any topic that I need some help with. Heather, Laura and Rhonda are amazing coaches! The Somatic practices that Heather teaches have really been the missing link for me in my growth and healing journey. I highly recommend The Bold Nine because you will learn how to implement incredible tools into your life so that you can start being your most bold self!

—Jennifer Honeysett

Monica headshot

“I joined The Bold Nine and it has been incredibly transformative. I'm more confident, less anxious and have even started my own business!”

I was dealing with a lot of anxiety, mostly self-inflicted by overanalyzing everything and trying to make sure everyone around me was always happy. I joined The Bold Nine and it has been incredibly transformative. I’m more confident, less anxious and have even started my own business! I can’t say enough great things about Heather and The Bold Nine Academy. Thank you for helping me find my voice, inner peace and an overall feeling of belonging.

—Monica Fernandez