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12 Enneagram 9 Careers Where You Can Really Thrive

As an Enneagram 9, careers and jobs are overwhelming to think about.

I mean, picking a career path just feels so permanent.

Plus, you don’t want a crappy job that leaves you too stressed and drained to spend time with your friends and family.

No need to feel anxious trying to figure out what you want in life – choose one of these Enneagram 9 jobs and you’ll have a fulfilling career in no time.

Why Enneagram 9’s Struggle to Find Their Perfect Career

9’s are pretty good at helping other people make decisions.

But when the time comes to decide something for your own life?

Bring on the overwhelm and uncertainty.

Enneagram 9’s may have similar struggles when it comes to figuring out what they want in life.

Are these reasons also stopping you from finding your perfect career?

You feel like a walking contradiction

Maybe you enjoy stability and repetition, but you know you’ll get bored fast if your career is too stable and repetitive.

Or maybe you want the opportunity to flex your creativity muscle, but only within a conventional and realistic structure.

Maybe it’s just your 9w1 and 9w8 battling it out?

You can’t seem to make a decision

Perhaps due to your people-pleasing tendencies, you don’t want to make the “wrong” choice and disappoint your friends and family.

The thought of making a decision, especially when it comes to a career, just feels too monumental to simply decide.

Procrastination + 9 =

9’s tend to procrastinate putting effort into themselves.

But why? Are Enneagram 9’s lazy?

The answer is actually because it’s difficult for 9’s to gather energy to start something.

Figuring out what career you want requires energy and effort. It’s less draining to maintain the status quo, even if you know (deep, deep down) that it’s not what you really want.

It’s difficult for you to figure out your likes and dislikes

9’s tend to hide their preferences and feelings in order to keep the peace. Do you do this?

Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean you don’t HAVE preferences. It just means that you’ve learned, probably since childhood, to keep them hidden.

So now it seems difficult to figure out and accept those preferences.

Work Situations That An Enneagram Type 9 Enjoys

Even as 9’s, we’re all still different. Enneagram 9 careers all involve different work situations that you can look for when determining if a potential career or job is a good fit.

Below are work situations that 9’s could thrive in:

    • Independent work within a team. You mostly work independently (and not micromanaged) but can also collaborate with a team
    • Clear expectations and structure. You’re given clearly defined tasks so you know exactly what’s expected of you
    • Project-based work. You can work within set guidelines and see the fruits of your effort quickly. The changing projects mean you decrease your chances of getting bored
    • You’re helping others. This could mean directly (talking to people) or indirectly (providing support from behind the scenes)
    • Calm and open environment. Coworkers/managers who notice and acknowledge the good work you do are a must

Work Situations That Put An Enneagram 9 In Stress

These situations probably won’t be the best for an Enneagram 9. It may cause you to become a stressed 9 instead.

Here are some work situations you may want to avoid:

    • Cut-throat environment. More than just friendly competition
    • Lack of stability. This could mean not having a set structure, the work is too unpredictable and fast-paced, or you aren’t getting proper training
    • Unclear expectations. More work is put on you than what you expected or was agreed upon
    • Absent or uncaring coworkers. Coworkers/managers who are absent so you have no one to go to for help

12 Best Enneagram 9 Careers

Keep in mind, you have your own unique interests, gifts, skills, and values. What may be a fantastic career for one 9 may not be a good fit for another.

Hair Stylist

Your clients come in with a need, you fulfill that need, and they walk away happy. You can immediately see the results you create.

Graphic Designer

You have the opportunity to use your creativity in project-based work that changes frequently. You work independently and probably from home, but you’re also emailing and talking to clients.

Personal Trainer

You can encourage and interact with people while helping them in a structured environment. If you work in a gym, you’d get to be part of a team. If you prefer flexibility, then you can freelance.

Life Coach

You’d help others in a specific niche that you’re knowledgeable in. You’d see growth and get to know your clients well over many months or even years.

Team Coordinator

This is especially good for a 9w1 since you are helping to plan and coordinate the needs of your team. This role requires a lot of organization and collaboration.

Human Resources

You’ll mostly provide administrative assistance and onboarding. You wouldn’t have clients since most interaction is between coworkers or potential new hires.

Financial Controller

You are basically the one leading the accounting team within a company. This could be good for a 9w8 since you’d be the one in charge of a team and making decisions.


As a writer, you can be creative in project-based work. You’d email with clients occasionally but still maintain your independence and flexibility.


You’re able to be social with clients while helping them with a specific need. You are also helping to improve a problem, which is good for a 9w1.


The impact you have on students is visible and something you’d do every day. You’ll see how your words and actions can positively improve students.

Web/software development

A bit more technical and detail-oriented. It’s mostly project-based and you’ll get to see the end result of your hard work.


You can help people by being a mediator and talking through their problems. Alternatively, you can also do research if you want less social interaction.

Enneagram Type 9 Self Improvement Tips

Figuring out which of the above Enneagram 9 careers is best for you requires self-reflection – something that doesn’t come easy for a 9. Here are some ways to help you decide.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses

Not all 9’s have the same strengths and weaknesses. Play to your strengths by taking the ,CliftonStrengths test to determine your top 5 strengths and see how you can use them to your advantage.

Hire a life coach specific for an Enneagram 9

If you’re overwhelmed with indecision, talking to a 3rd party often helps. ,Reach out to an Enneagram 9 life coach who understands your struggles.

Embrace discomfort

9’s love comfort, but growing as a person means doing things that make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t worry, discomfort just means you’re outside your comfort zone – which is a good thing.

Be okay with change

9’s are flexible but can also struggle with the uncertainty of change. Improving yourself and trying new things WILL create changes in your life, and that’s okay.

Did You Decide Which Of These Enneagram 9 Careers Is Best For You?

It probably feels like a decision where the world is on your shoulders.

But you know what?

You’re just putting all that pressure on yourself to make the perfect decision.

Regardless of what you choose, don’t second guess yourself.

Just decide.

Then get started.

Author Bio: Charis Barg is a freelance content marketing writer, specializing in writing SEO-based articles for coaches and entrepreneurs. For writing samples, check out her ,portfolio.


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