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Join me in stunning St. George, Utah May 1-5 as we learn to feel our leadership from within.


Join me in stunning St. George, Utah May 1-5 as we learn to feel our leadership from within.

Can you relate to…

Many women who have extraordinary creativity, vision and spiritual abilities keep themselves hidden because of their fears.

You deserve to embrace every opportunity with a confidence
that you feel deep inside.

The Venue

I’m so excited to host this incredible coaching retreat in St. George, Utah.

This is the place where I lived for most of my formative years, so it holds a special place in my heart. It also gives us the perfect environment for a relaxing break. The dark red sandstone mountains provide a serene and inspirational backdrop for creativity, physical activity, relaxation and reflection. St. George is a popular destination for health and wellness retreats for this reason.

We’ve booked a beautiful vacation home at Paradise Village, a vacation resort in Santa Clara with multiple pools, pickle ball courts, and other outdoor amenities. The home has a large kitchen for our retreat chef, plenty of dining space, 7 King Bed Master Suites and two large bedrooms with several built-in bunk beds. It also has multiple gathering areas and a tiered theater room with comfy reclining sofas where we can hold our group coaching activities. There’s plenty of space to spread out and spend time alone when you need to, as well as a private hot tub and deck for socializing. You can challenge a friend to a game of ping pong in the upstairs game room, or relax in the private hot tub on the balcony. Lots of options for making this 4 days all for YOU.

It can feel impossible to lead when you question yourself so much.

You know that you need to get out of your own way. The problem is, the combination of the strong pull toward what is familiar and easy and your fear get in the way. This can cause you to give up on your dreams. 

So I’ve made it my mission to help people with gentle personalities to develop the drive to pursue and accomplish personal goals and realize their dreams, without compromising their true nature. 

This retreat is for any woman who wants to embody her leadership. 

When we work through the body, we create a shortcut to the competency of showing up calmly but purposefully when emotions normally take over.

We’ll do somatic practices that teach you how to be present, open, connected and purposeful during moments of pressure. Your body will help you gain competencies that you have never had before. Because we’re together in person, the work is much more deep and transformational.

We’ll also do group coaching and reflection exercises that help you find the root of your well-memorized patterns of thinking.

This will be work unlike anything you have done before. You will return home with greater somatic awareness and ability.

I have gone from a Life Coach who was afraid to make offers and show up on camera to one who bravely, yet authentically leads over 200 clients at a time in a membership program. I’ve found that somatic coaching is the secret ingredient. My Somatic Coach training and experience, paired with my thought-based coach training and experience is the perfect combination for helping my clients to transform. If a quiet, scared human like myself can embody her leadership, I truly believe that you can, too.

What you'll Gain from The Embodied Leadership Retreat:

Number 1

A Clear Understanding of What's Holding you Back

Discover the habits that live in your tissues and the way that they work to keep you safe or make sure that you belong, but also hold you back from living your dreams.

Practices that Give you Competency

With this new understanding, you’ll also learn how to show up as the partner, mother, friend,  or leader that you want to be, using powerful somatic practices and thought work.

A Bolder, Braver Version of You

Go home with newfound confidence and purpose, and see the positive impact ripple through your life.

Come to relax, make forever friends and learn.
Leave with competencies you never dreamed of having.

Activities Include:

Here’s what’s included in your retreat tuition:

What's NOT included:

Retreat Prices and Payment

Room Options:

On March 1, prices increase by $500. 

Total Cost is divided into 3 equal payments.

First payment: At booking 

Second payment: 30 days later

Final payment:  30 days later

Secure your spot with your first payment now!

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Your Questions Answered

Any woman who would like to feel more confident in her leadership or influencing roles. Namely coaches, influencers, entrepreneurs, and moms. 

All women lead in different capacities, so this is for any woman who would like to step into her power to help, inspire and lead others without compromising who she is! 

If you are a follower of Heather on Social Media or in The Bold Nine Academy,  please bring a friend. Not everyone has to be an Enneagram Type Nine. 

St George, UT is a 2-hour drive from Las Vegas, NV. You can fly into Vegas, then take the St. George Shuttle which runs every 2 hours from the airport, or rent a car and drive. You will have the opportunity to connect with other attendees to share rides if you’d like to. You also have the option of flying directly into St. George.

10-15, including the staff.

Incredible. Healthy, Buffet style. Whole food. All dietary requests will be considered (gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, etc.)

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Still wondering if the Embodied Leadership Retreat for Women is right for you?

Shoot me an email at heather@heatherfillmorecoaching.com or schedule a 30 minute consultation with me HERE.