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Easy vs. Evolving into the Enneagram Nine You Want to Be

Many Peace-loving Enneagram Nines think that moving forward in life and doing something in alignment with yourself should feel easy and comfortable.

I’m finding that’s not true at all.

Any time a change is required, it’s rarely comfortable. I have to challenge my old beliefs about myself.

That is not pleasant!

Following Your Gut

Enneagram Nines understand truth from their gut. So when they’re headed in the right direction, there’s something deep down that knows and feels that.

There’s a feeling of being nudged; if you follow it, it can become more of a pull that gets you started.

But then there’s all this work that needs to be done, and sometimes you have to put yourself out there and risk people judging you.

This feels downright terrifying or yucky at best.

I experienced this when we decided to adopt kids with special needs after having five children already. People that I looked up to didn’t support our decision and even though I felt deep down that what we were doing was in total alignment with us and with what God wanted for our family, having to face that judgment felt more horrible than anything I had ever experienced in my life.

I remember wishing that I could just do this in a bubble, with no one watching.

But we knew it was right, so we kept moving forward. I knew that to evolve into the next best version of myself, I needed to go through this struggle.

How to Grow as an Enneagram Nine

Nines want ease and peace at all times. It’s the way we are wired. We are peacemakers, for others and ourselves.

But if our main goal in life is to be comfortable all the time, it’s going to be very hard for us to evolve and create new results for ourselves.

Unfortunately, evolving and comfort don’t go hand in hand. So to see growth will require a little step outside the comfort zone.

Always question if you’re being honest with yourself. Ask yourself if you’re looking for things to be easy and safe or if you’re seeking to evolve.

There’s no right or wrong answer here. Just know this intention for yourself.

If you’re choosing to evolve, ask yourself what the benefit is for you. Also, ask yourself what it costs you to NOT evolve. This will give you your WHY.

And boy, will you ever need this because the minute you decide to evolve and set a goal that makes you stretch, your lower brain will offer every reason why it’s a bad idea and why you haven’t done it in the past.

“STAY IN THE CAVE!” it will say.

Your “why” needs to compel you enough to help you get through all that brain chatter.

As I’m continually stretching myself as an entrepreneur, I’m noticing that it becomes less and less uncomfortable. But it’s definitely still there.

Discomfort is what we use to pay for our dreams. Why not start the process of becoming who you want to be, Enneagram Nine?

Ask yourself what you want.

Notice what your spirit tells you.

If you don’t know…take a guess.

Then move in.

Feel uncomfortable and see what happens.

If you feel you’re ready to evolve with me, check out The Bold Nine Academy! I’d love to introduce you to other Enneagram Type 9s who are striving to make the same changes and help you reach your potential.


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