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Confidence Reboot for Enneagram Nines

Do you find yourself keeping quiet so you don’t risk disrupting the peace or making someone think poorly of you?

Do you often mesh with other people’s opinions and desires?

Have you forgotten who YOU are and what you want?

Have you quit setting goals for yourself because you no longer trust yourself to follow through with your commitments?

These tendencies are common…  for many reasons. 


Let’s give your self-confidence a reboot!

I’ll show you:

  • Why self-worth is so crucial for you as an Enneagram 9
  • The power and unique qualities that you possess
  • The role of the inner critic in your life
  • Ways to become your own biggest fan and
  • How to work with your tendency to quit on your goals and learn to trust yourself


This audio series comes with 3 episodes that you can listen to all at once, or one at a time. 


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