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Are You Wasting Time, Dear Enneagram Nine?

Many of my clients experience a lot of anxiety on days when they don’t have things scheduled on their calendars.

I find it interesting that we Nines are known as the ones who like to be lazy, yet we feel like we’re less-than when we aren’t using our time “wisely.”

So, What is Wasted Time?

It is no secret that Enneagram Type 9’s often define themselves as procrastinators. As numb-ers. As the ones that like to be lazy. We often hear that Enneagram Nines in stress default to a state of buffering out feelings. This may make us feel that if we are “wasting time”, then we are unhealthy. I just want to offer a thought to you. Just like all of the thoughts that I offer, you are welcome to keep what you want and leave what you don’t. Here’s my thought for you this week:

There is no such thing as wasted time.

The day I decided this was true was the day I started actually enjoying my life.⁠

I started learning more because I gave myself permission to take a class or read a book if I wanted to. I didn’t have an expectation of doing anything with it or even finishing it. nnI started purposefully deciding that I wanted to relax and allowing myself to enjoy that time. This made me more present for my family because I wasn’t feeling so much anxiety. It actually began to help me undo the negative cycle of thoughts and ideas about myself as a Type 9 that usually comes with believing that I’m lazy, which is inherently bad.

I started planning my work time because it became fun to do, whereas before I was too overwhelmed to focus. I didn’t think there was enough time for everything. ⁠

My life became better. My time became more abundant. I started showing up for myself and others.⁠

Create What You Want to Be True

So, what if you chose to change the way you think? What if you chose to find that constant state of peace that we Nines are constantly seeking by choosing to believe what you want to be true? Become a peacemaker in your own life. Choose to think thoughts such as:

– There is no such thing as wasted time.⁠

– There is just time and the way you choose to use it.

I am worthy of deciding how to use my time.

– I am in control of enjoying my life.

– I am in control of finding peace in my life and the things I do.

When you decide to believe that there’s enough time, you make it true.

Let me help you.

If you are feeling anxious about everything you have on your plate and want to enjoy your days more as an Enneagram Type 9, please check out The Bold Nine! Let’s explore what is keeping you stuck in overwhelm. I’ll help you see what’s possible with some mind work and empowerment.


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