Heather Fillmore Coaching

The Bold Nine Academy for Enneagram 9s

What do YOU want?

Have you asked yourself this question lately? 

If you’re like most Nines, it’s a hard question to answer.

You know that you want life to  feel easier.
You know that you want people to love you and accept you.
You know that you want everyone in your life to be happy.

But you only have so much control over people and circumstances.

What if I could help you to feel better without these things needing to change?

If you’re like most Gentle Souls, you want...

More accomplishment
deeper connection and presence
more discipline

more purpose.

But chances are that you don’t know how to get them.

Maybe your brain tells you…

it’s too hard
you’ll just quit like you always do
people will judge you
it’s not acceptable to do things differently than you’ve always done them
it’s too much to commit to
and you’ll just let yourself down, like always.

Your body tells you...

“We need to disengage. It’s too much. It’s too hard.”
or “We need to keep small, so that we don’t risk disconnection from others.”

Totally normal, given your deeply embodied habits and beliefs.

I have the perfect solution.

And it’s found in my coaching program, The Bold Nine Academy.

An online coaching community just for Peace-Loving, Gentle Souls, A.K.A. Enneagram Type 9s.

In this monthly membership, I help sleepy Nines (sleepy meaning “asleep” to themselves, their desires and needs) to transform into Bold Nines.

What does a Bold Nine look like?

Someone who...

Awareness brings choice. Practice brings change.

Trying to overcome your unhealthy Enneagram Type 9 habits and show up more confidently by reading self- improvement books or listening to podcasts only gives you one piece of what is needed.

If you’re ready for real change that lasts a lifetime, you need practice…coupled with skilled, specific help. As a Certified Life Coach and Somatic (Body-Based) Coach, I have the training, experience and skills to take you from slothful… to hopeful… to purposeful.

My clients report big changes in the way they feel. Even listening to a few calls each month have made all the difference in their life.

Monica headshot

“I joined The Bold Nine and it has been incredibly transformative. I'm more confident, less anxious and have even started my own business!”

I was dealing with a lot of anxiety, mostly self-inflicted by overanalyzing everything and trying to make sure everyone around me was always happy. I joined The Bold Nine and it has been incredibly transformative. I’m more confident, less anxious and have even started my own business! I can’t say enough great things about Heather and The Bold Nine Academy. Thank you for helping me find my voice, inner peace and an overall feeling of belonging.

—Monica Fernandez

At the Bold Nine Academy, you’ll learn how to honor your conditioning that took care of you as a child, but at the same time, practice a more connected, intentional way of being.

Here's what you'll find inside:

Coaching Icon


Each week, Heather and/or her other experienced coaches B9 members on 1:1 calls for 30-45 minutes. The calls are recorded and shared in the Bold Nine Academy environment and on the private podcast, so the rest of the community can get powerful help with their similar struggles.

All of the Bold Nine coaches are trauma informed and have the ability to help people tune into their own intuition to find the answers that they need, through a combination of thought work and somatic exploration.

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In addition to coaching calls, the Academy also has 2 live workshops or practice sessions per week that help Nines to learn how to be more bold, happy and purposeful while honoring their gentle, calm nature.

Here are some of the topics we’ve covered so far:

  • How to Feel Better
  • Connection in Relationships
  • Becoming your #1 Fan
  • “Waking Up” as a 9
  • How to stop Numbing Out
  • Discerning what you Want
  • Productivity
  • Holding Boundaries
  • Overcoming Overwhelm
  • Raising your Happiness Level
  • The Art of Desire & Intimacy
  • Confident Speaking
  • The Enneagram and NInes

We also have 30-minute
EFT Tapping Sessions to help us heal our nervous systems and release stuck emotions, somatic practice calls where we practice centering and being more intentional from our bodies in the face of pressure, as well as communal work times where we practice coaching ourselves through our thoughts.

If you miss a few weeks, no problem. There’s no such thing as falling behind. Just sprinkle it into your life here and there. The private podcast and the Bold NIne App make it really easy to access as you’re going about your day. Every little sprinkling can help you grow, develop and feel happier as a Nine.

Members also have access to an archive of lessons that teach ideas and tools that can greatly improve their experience as a Nine, as well as meditations and embodiment practices that help them heal thier nervous system and wake up to themselves. It’s all there for your learning when you’re ready to dive in, though there are no expectations whatsoever!

Community Icon


When you join The Bold Nine Academy you immediately gain a group of friends who GET you like no other group ever has.

Members can share takeaways, wins and questions from the calls on the comment section of each replay. We also have an in-house community forum on the app.

In addition to the larger groups, we have optional, small support groups of 5-7 people on Voxer, called “Homerooms” where members can go to process their thoughts out loud, gain accountability (if they want) and support each other.

You will never feel so deeply seen, understood and valued as you do in the Bold Nine Community.

If you prefer to stay in the background and do your own thing, that is also COMPLETELY acceptable! There’s no right or wrong way to participate.

Having a Bold Nine membership is similar to having a gym membership. You can choose what you’d like to do, and how often you’d like to do it.

Here’s what’s included in your membership:

for only

$97 per month or $249 per Quarter

Cancel or pause your membership anytime.

If you would love to join the Academy, but paying $97 per month would create too much of a financial strain, please click here to consider our tiered pricing option.

Kerri headshot

“The Bold Nine Academy has been THE most valuable tool in my personal growth journey.”

It’s helping me rewire my brain to become a truer version of myself that I previously dreamed about, but thought impossible.

This program is different from anything else I’ve tried because I get to grow alongside a community of other Enneagram Nines who are overcoming the same obstacles to their happiness. I can’t explain how wonderful it is to be truly, deeply seen and understood. We all just “get” each other!

Day to day, the Bold Nine fits my lifestyle because I can learn and grow at my own pace, anytime, and I always know that I can get individual support when I need it.

Others in my life are starting to notice a shift in my anxiety, my people-pleasing tendencies, and my ability to express my opinions. I’m noticing big changes too. Thank you Heather and the Bold Nine team. I’m finally finding the boldness to be the real me.


Jennifer headshot

“I love having such a supportive community of Nines. We all relate to each other so well and cheer one another on.”

I also love being able to get coached on any topic that I need some help with. Heather, Laura and Rhonda are amazing coaches! The Somatic practices that Heather teaches have really been the missing link for me in my growth and healing journey. I highly recommend The Bold Nine because you will learn how to implement incredible tools into your life so that you can start being your most bold self!

—Jennifer Honeysett

Megan headshot

“What I love about being a member of the Bold Nine Academy is that I can consume content at my own pace, in a variety of ways.”

I was paying four times more for traditional one-on-one counseling and felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere because I couldn’t accurately put my thoughts and needs into words. With The Bold Nine, even though it’s a group environment, I’ve experienced more individualized support and gained more tools to handle my stress in just a couple months than I did the year before with traditional counseling. Because the coaches and community members have the same struggles I do, I’ve learned so much about myself and have never felt understood!

—Megan Anderson

Bonnie headshot

“My favorite thing about being a member of the Bold Nine Academy is the sense of community I feel with people that have many of the same attributes, behaviors, and challenges that I do as a 9.”

It’s reassuring to know that I’m not alone in my struggles and that there are strategies I can learn to overcome them. I also love learning through others in the coaching calls and that the content is recorded, searchable and available to listen to when I have a specific challenge pop up. I have learned so much and have made many positive changes in the short time I’ve been a member. I highly recommend The Bold Nine!

—Bonnie Van Epps

Holly headshot

“I love how Heather pairs somatic training with mindset training. I often experience good results with something I’m stuck on when I pay attention to both my body and mind and not just one or the other.”

If you’re a 9 like me and tend to be in the background of life, don’t hesitate to join the Bold Nine Academy! Heather’s coaching has really given me a voice and confidence.

—Holly McCray

Frequently Asked Questions

The Enneagram is a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. The Enneagram describes nine personality types and maps each of these types on a nine-pointed diagram which helps to illustrate how the types relate to one another.- Truity.com

To find out if you’re a Type Nine. You can take a free Enneagram Personality Test Here. After taking the test, read about the core fears and motivations, as well as what happens in stress and growth with each of your top 3 here so you can make sure you get the correct type.
Link: https://www.truity.com/test/enneagram-personality-test

Here’s The Enneagram Institute’s description of the Type Nine: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-9

Even if you aren’t 100% sure if you’re a Type Nine, you’re more than welcome to join The Academy! What we do there can help anyone who relates to the issues that are common in a Nine.

Each week, we have two calls between 9:00 am and 1:oo pm and usually one call between 5:00 and 7:00 pm Mountain Time (US.)   

Even those in other countries can catch some calls live depending on their work schedules.  All calls are recorded and easy to access through the website or private podcast.

Absolutely! Many of our members listen to the calls as replays and don’t join in on any of the discussions and are still seeing incredible results. We even have a private podcast so you can easily access the replays and listen while you’re on the go. 

You are also welcome to leave your video off in Zoom and change your name to Anonymous (or something else!) when you come to calls. 

This is COMPLETELY normal for Nines, who are so used to blending in and not drawing attention to themselves. After actually doing it, though, you’ll find that it wasn’t as scary as you thought and you’ll be SO GLAD you did it because of the breakthrough that you had.

Heather and her other coaches are Nines themselves and they get it. They always help people to regulate their nervous system before starting in.

Every person in The Bold Nine has a gentle, accepting soul just like yours and they GET everything that you’re experiencing. Their brains do the same things as yours when under pressure. Also, even though the calls are recorded and shared with the group, it’s just you and the coach on the call, so it feels really casual. 

The Bold Nine is a place where you can feel supported and loved by a group of people who think and feel very similarly to you. Those who grow the most are the ones who allow themselves to be seen and get coaching. Listening to the coaching of others is incredibly helpful, but when you combine it with getting coaching yourself, your benefit will be even greater!

With this in mind…there’s ZERO pressure to get coached. You will still gain a ton of coaching by listening to others’ coaching. If you prefer to stay in the background, you are certainly welcome to do so. Or you can simply leave your camera off and change your name on Zoom if you’d like to get coached.

Yes. Membership is month-to-month or quarterly (billed every 3 months) and you can cancel anytime. The info on how to do that is in the Membership section of the Bold 9 Website. We just ask that you do it before your next billing cycle starts because refunds cost us money to make.

You’ll have until the end of your billing cycle, then you’ll be removed. Think of membership like membership at a gym, but it’s for your mental and emotional health. You have access to everything in the “gym” while you’re a member, then that access ends when you’re no longer paying for it.

Heather offers private coaching sessions to her Bold Nine members at a discounted rate of $97. You can schedule those as often as you’d like, and Heather highly recommends it for going deeper and getting help with struggles that feel too vulnerable to share with the group. 

If you feel that 1:1 coaching would be a better fit for you right now,  she also has a few spots for private clients. You can learn more about that on the Services page.

First, you get very specific help, even through other people’s coaching because everyone in the program has the same conditioned tendencies (well-memorized habits) and default thoughts that you do. It’s like you’re the one getting coached, even if you’re in a different stage of life or have a different upbringing or culture. It’s truly amazing how it works.

Secondly, most life coaches only coach people’s brains. At the Bold Nine Academy, we also coach the body, which holds MOST of the information that you need for change. Members are sharing that somatic coaching is what is helping them change in ways that they never thought was possible by just getting help with their thoughts. Combining the two modalities helps our clients get the full picture of what’s going on when they’re having a hard time being who they want to be.

There are different levels of development for each of the Enneagram Types. Below, I have listed these levels for the Nine, as described by The Enneagram Institute.

I recommend coaching if you find yourself at “healthy” or “high-average” levels (levels 1-5) most of the time. Coaching helps a person who is on solid ground with their emotional and mental health, to enjoy and get more out of their lives.

I recommend a body-based therapy like ART, EMDR, or Somatic Therapy for trauma healing if you often find yourself at “low-average to unhealthy levels” (levels 6-9.) 

The Bold Nine Academy is the perfect companion to therapy, though. It’s helpful for anyone! You may just need more than what we can provide as coaches.

TYPE NINE – Levels of Development -The Enneagram Institute:
Healthy Levels

Level 1 (At Their Best): Become self-possessed, feeling autonomous and fulfilled: have great equanimity and contentment because they are present to themselves. Paradoxically, at one with self, and thus able to form more profound relationships. Intensely alive, fully connected to self and others.

Level 2: Deeply receptive, accepting, unselfconscious, emotionally stable and serene. Trusting of self and others, at ease with self and life, innocent and simple. Patient, unpretentious, good-natured, genuinely nice people.

Level 3: Optimistic, reassuring, supportive: have a healing and calming influence—harmonizing groups, bringing people together: a good mediator, synthesizer, and communicator.

Average Levels

Level 4: Fear conflicts, so become self-effacing and accommodating, idealizing others and “going along” with their wishes, saying “yes” to things they do not really want to do. Fall into conventional roles and expectations. Use philosophies and stock sayings to deflect others.

Level 5: Active, but disengaged, unreflective, and inattentive. Do not want to be affected, so become unresponsive and complacent, walking away from problems, and “sweeping them under the rug.” Thinking becomes hazy and ruminative, mostly comforting fantasies, as they begin to “tune out” reality, becoming oblivious. Emotionally indolent, unwillingness to exert self or to focus on problems: indifference.

Level 6: Begin to minimize problems, to appease others and to have “peace at any price.” Stubborn, fatalistic, and resigned, as if nothing could be done to change anything. Into wishful thinking, and magical solutions. Others frustrated and angry by their procrastination and unresponsiveness.

Unhealthy Levels

Level 7: Can be highly repressed, undeveloped, and ineffectual. Feel incapable of facing problems: become obstinate, dissociating self from all conflicts. Neglectful and dangerous to others.

Level 8: Wanting to block out of awareness anything that could affect them, they dissociate so much that they eventually cannot function: numb, depersonalized.

Level 9: They finally become severely disoriented and catatonic, abandoning themselves, turning into shattered shells. Multiple personalities possible. Generally corresponds to the Schizoid and Dependent personality disorders.

Still wondering if The Bold Nine Academy is right for you?

If you’re new to coaching or you just want to make sure that The Bold Nine Academy right fit for you, feel free to shoot Heather an email at heather@heatherfillmorecoaching.com. She can answer your questions and help you make a decision. And remember, you can cancel anytime if you find it’s not what you’re looking for!

membership mockup

Having Bold Nine membership is similar to having a gym membership. You can choose what you’d like to do, and how often you’d like to do it.

Here’s what’s included in your membership:

all for only

$97 Monthly
$249 Quarterly

and you can cancel or pause
your membership anytime.

If you would love to join the Academy, but paying $97 per month would create too much of a financial strain, please click here to consider our tiered pricing option.