Heather Fillmore Coaching

The Enneagram 9 Life Coach

Hi, I’m Heather Fillmore.

I help Peace-Lovers to start boldly engaging in what matters to them, from their minds and their bodies.

I’m so glad you’re here, dear Nine.

I’m also an Enneagram Type 9, and like you, my brain is constantly offering ways to make every circumstance as easy as possible. I GET what it’s like to want to be intentional and present, but not know how.

About 5 years ago, as mom of nine children, including a few with special needs, I found myself in a state of overwhelm, frustration and sloth. I found myself disengaging from my life way too much. My emotional state was not good.

Life coaching is what helped me to break out of my unhealthy thought patterns so I could start feeling better. It made all the difference for my mental health… and still does!

In 2019, after experiencing such a huge change in myself, I decided that I wanted to help other people in the same way. I received training at the Life Coach School and I learned how to help people get to the root of their emotional struggles, through their thoughts.

Discovering the Enneagram changed things for me...

Shortly after my coach training, I learned about the Enneagram, and explored it enough to learn that I was a Type 9. This is just what I needed to overcome my self-deprecating thoughts and grow my relationship with myself.

One day, a thought came to my mind: 

“If there’s a group of people that I can help more than any other group of people, it would be Enneagram Type Nines, who think the way that I think.  I GET their struggles as humans, and I can help them in ways that other coaches can’t! I can help them connect to who they are at their core, underneath all of the stories that their brains continually tell them because I think just like they do!”

Since then, I’ve helped thousands of Nines to understand themselves better, to accept themselves more deeply, and to climb out of the unhealthy habits that hold them captive.

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I learned we could go even deeper than our thoughts...

As I’ve been coaching, I’ve learned that sometimes our ways of being go much deeper than our thoughts, though. They are memorized by our very tissues and trying to change our thoughts doesn’t always work when we want to gain new competencies.

In 2020, I discovered Somatic Coaching, and found that it was the missing link in helping me change unhealthy patterns when thought-based coaching can’t. My ability to be present and purposeful has grown enormously through this modality.

I recently received training from The Strozzi Institute, the leader in Somatics, and I combine this modality with thought-based coaching, to help my clients in whatever ways they need most.

My combined coaching approach.

During coaching I help you work with both your mind (Thought-Based coaching) and your body (Somatic coaching) to help you engage with what matters to you.

What is Thought-Based Coaching?

In this type of coaching, we work with what’s happening in your mind. We ask questions to find out what thoughts are creating your emotions, actions and results, and we spend time noticing what we’re creating.

Our Enneagram type is simply a story that we’ve told ourselves since we were children about the way that we exist in the world. We get to the root of those stories and question the beliefs that are holding us back as Nines.

What is Somatic Coaching?

In somatic coaching, we work through the body to help you get the results that you seek. As a somatic coach, I’m trained to see the ways that your default behaviors, moods, and habits reveal themselves in the body. With this skill, I can help you connect with your inner wisdom to find what’s important to you, commit to it, and fulfill that commitment so that you can show up as the person that you want to be. We do this through practices that combine centering, talking and noticing what’s going on in our bodies as we do this.

A little bit of the fun stuff…

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What clients say about working with me...

Holly headshot

“I love how Heather pairs somatic training with mindset training. I often experience good results with something I’m stuck on when I pay attention to both my body and mind and not just one or the other.”

I also love the intimacy trainings and Entrepreneurship calls! If you’re a 9 like me and tend to be in the background of life, don’t hesitate to join the Bold Nine Academy! Heather’s coaching has really given me a voice and confidence.

—Holly McCray

Kerri headshot

“The Bold Nine Academy has been THE most valuable tool in my personal growth journey.”

It’s helping me rewire my brain to become a truer version of myself that I previously dreamed about, but thought impossible.

This program is different from anything else I’ve tried because I get to grow alongside a community of other Enneagram Nines who are overcoming the same obstacles to their happiness. I can’t explain how wonderful it is to be truly, deeply seen and understood. We all just “get” each other!

Day to day, the Bold Nine fits my lifestyle because I can learn and grow at my own pace, anytime, and I always know that I can get individual support when I need it.

Others in my life are starting to notice a shift in my anxiety, my people-pleasing tendencies, and my ability to express my opinions. I’m noticing big changes too. Thank you Heather and the Bold Nine team. I’m finally finding the boldness to be the real me.


I can help you start taking charge of your emotional life so you can feel better and get the results you so long for.