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Hello all you wonderful enneagram 9 people!

My name is Heather Fillmore. I live in Utah with my husband, our 6 youngest kids (there are 9!) 2 dogs and 6 chickens!

Our last 4 kiddos came to us via international adoption. Two girls from Russia (who have Down syndrome) and two boys from China!

I have a huge heart for children who don’t have families (and dogs…is this a 9 thing?) and I always dreamed of adopting. So it was a dream come true to grow our family this way.

But as you know, we 9’s like our peace and quiet and we like things to be predictable. And I have neither of those luxuries anymore. Kids with special needs can be loud and unpredictable. Especially when they have siblings who also have a hard time staying calm!

This quickly became verrrrry challenging for me and I saw sides of myself that I didn’t even know existed.

For a while there, I wished we hadn’t made these choices. I was depressed and I hated the mom I had become. I ruminated endlessly about how wonderful my life would be if we hadn’t gone down this road.

Then a few years ago, everything got much better. And guess what? I didn’t learn some amazing parenting techniques or find a magic pill.

I just learned how to manage my brain! I learned about a formula for solving problems called the Self-Coaching Model, developed by Brooke Castillo. When I learned this and started observing my thoughts and seeing how they were creating my feelings, actions and results, everything got much, much better. After a year of listening to The Life Coach School Podcast just learning the principles and watching my brain, I hired my own life coach, who was trained there. It was like 10X-ing everything I had learned, to have someone show me my”blind spots.”

After experiencing this transformation, I suddenly had a desire to help others feel better, too. So in 2019, I went through a year of training, from the very best of the best, Brooke Castillo. It was an indescribable experience!

I LOVE what I do! The model that I use for myself and my clients is like magic for our lives.

It’s only the last few months that I have learned about the enneagram. I figured out that I’m a nine and learned more about this type, and wow, it’s SO accurate! No wonder why I want to hide from chaos and so many other things! Knowing how my brain is wired and what naturally motivates me or shuts me down helps so much with my self awareness!

I have been spending the past year really thinking and trying to decide (another 9 thing, haha!) specifically who I want to serve in my coaching practice. After learning about the Enneagram and that there are people out there whose brains are so much like mine, all of this came together!

YOU are who I want to work with! You compassionate, peaceful, gifts to everyone! I love you all!

I get what it’s like to be a 9…AND I can also hold space for you and show you your brain and help you to see exactly what is keeping you stuck and help you to move towards growth!

Thanks again for following along! If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to my email list! I send out helpful thoughts to help Nines get more emotionally healthy. And if you’d like to make some real change, try The Bold Nine Academy!


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