Heather Fillmore Coaching

Day: January 30, 2021

A Little about Me

Hello all you wonderful enneagram 9 people! ⠀ My name is Heather Fillmore. I live in Utah with my husband, our 6 youngest kids (there

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Believing on Purpose

I used to think that my life was harder than most moms because my daughter couldn’t talk. And because my brain likes to be right,

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Toss those Manuals

Nines are usually pretty go-with-the flow. But we’re humans. We still have lists of expectations, or “manuals” in our minds that tell us how the

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And It’s OK

This is what I like to add to statements about myself or my life that I don’t like. It helps to inch me a little

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What about YOU?

If I could give 25-year-old me advice it would be this. By nature, we humans want to belong. We also want to express ourselves in

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